Eco Matters with the Enviro Collective- Lucy Czerwinski

By Lucy Czerwinski

The planet is in a less than ideal state. Temperatures are rising and humans are effectively doing nothing to stop it. As the generation that will soon inherit this steaming pile of literal garbage, we have a lot of work to do. Some of this work is being taken on by QUT Guild’s Environment Collective who are working towards creating a more environmentally friendly campus. 

“The Enviro Collective started because we felt like there wasn’t really an active space on campus to talk about environmental issues and discuss strategy,” said Laura Harland, Environment Officer for QUT Guild. 

The collective is a place to share ideas and get support for projects to run on campus. If you have a project in mind and need some help, come to a QUT Guild Enviro Collective meeting every Thursday. 

Eco Hub is an idea that was birthed by the Enviro Collective headed by your Environment Officers, Laura Harland and Ben English. Every week, the Environment Collective run the Eco Hub, promoting practical, environmental solutions. Students can get their hands on fresh, local, sustainable produce for the fraction of the retail price. This produce is supplied in partnership with Food Connect 

“It originally began as a seconds market but through Food Connect, we’re able to support regenerative agriculture,” said Laura. 

Through Food Connect, farmers are paid the true cost of production and short supply chains mean a saving on food system carbon emissions by 95 per cent. 

And the benefits go further than agriculture, Laura says the atmosphere at the Eco Hub gives students those unbeatable warm and fuzzies. 

“Just being surrounded by fruit and vegies is good for the soul. Looking at that beautiful pile of beans, snacking on those beans, is unreal,” she said. 

The Eco Hub also includes a thrift store with donations of second-hand clothing from students.  

“We originally priced items differently but it makes it easier for everyone if all items are a dollar,” Laura. 

Yes, you read that correctly, pre-loved clothing for only $1. If you are interested in donating second-hand clothing, you can pop them in the big green bin outside the QUT Guild office on C Block Level 2 at Kelvin Grove. The Eco Hub alternates every week between Gardens Point and Kelvin Grove. You can catch it at Kelvin Grove every second Thursday and on Tuesday every other week at Gardens Point. 

The Enviro Collective is also pleased to announce Sustainability Week will be held in Week 8 of this semester. A market day will be held on Monday with stalls from Food Connect, QUT Wilderness Society and the Galilee Blockade. The following four days themed, GROW, EAT, MAKE and ACT. There will be panels and info sessions on topics such as sustainable food and fashion. 

Lucy Czerwinski
Lucy Czerwinski
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