I can’t be bothered anymore 

The Sunday Scaries were setting in as I remembered, despite the doomsday weekend I had experienced, I was going to work tomorrow to mingle with annoying, sad souls who I can't help but become infuriated by whenever they message me "hey".

Letting Go 

I sit, I watch, and I want to cry, but no one will notice. Everyone is too busy laughing, catching up on who slept with who, and what assignments haven’t been started with five hours to go until the due date. The college life is the epitome of feeling isolated in a room full of people. 

Cousin’s Day

We took our positions. We readied our Nerf guns. The older boys had picked out the bigger ones, the ones that held fifteen to fifty foam bullets, with more bulging their pockets. I took one of the smaller ones that held eight, but I liked how powerful my small Nerf gun was.
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