Glass Magazine is a hub for QUT student content; from the creative, to the critical, to the newsworthy. Founded in 2019 by the QUT Guild, in just a few years Glass has grown from a fairly insular, creative-focused community publication to a diverse publication archived in the State Library of Queensland.

And we’re only growing. 

In 2022, Glass will publish print magazines alongside our regular digital content. This includes work created by our editors, as well as curated pieces from the QUT community. Read our print issues here

2021 Glass Annual Edition, published November 2021.

Our Role As A Student Publication

Student union magazines across the country are integral to student culture and representation. Glass is committed to representing QUT students. This means covering student issues, major changes to university policies, social issues, and student advocacy. This also means providing a platform for individuals to express their views on QUT student culture. 

You can view our Constitutional responsibilities here. 

As editors, we strive to cultivate a publication that QUT students take pride in. From representing the vibrant creative culture founded at QUT to the concerns and triumphs of QUT students more generally, we want to give back to our community what it has given to us; a wealth of experiences, innovations, reflections and accomplishments. 

With love,
The Glass editors  

Ciaran Greig, Ella Brumm, and Tom Loudon.




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Please note: Glass stands against racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, ableism, anti-semitism and hate speech. Content with these undertones will never be accepted at Glass, and we will remove content from contributors who act in ways that contravene these rules.