Glass magazine prides itself on being a hub for content from the QUT student community; be it creative, opinionated, critical or all of the above.

Glass magazine was born out of the struggle for students to gather writing credits. An endless cycle of writing articles, poetry and other creative content for assessments and having nowhere to publish it.

We think your work as a QUT student deserves to be shared with not only your tutors, but your peers as well – the people who you will inevitably be working within a professional capacity.

This year, Glass hopes to promote students’ work, fight for students’ rights on campus and provide communication between the Guild and all students. Student publications like Glass magazine should be full of student work and we’re so pleased to revive the rag at QUT.  

We hope you enjoy reading all of the lovely submissions on the site.

With love,
The GLASS editors 

Em Readman – Persis Lok – Jasmin Graves – Ashleigh North – Jess Perkins

Student union magazines across the country play a strong role in the university’s culture and provide a sense of community to students. We hope to do this and much more, so your time at uni can be as enjoyable as possible.