Announcing the 2021 QUT Guild Representatives

Voting in the QUT Guild Elections concluded on the 23rd of October 2020 and the results have been announced. The positions available in this election spanned three categories, Guild Executives, Councillors and NUS Delegates. This post details all of the elected and provisionally elected roles and who has been elected to them, with more to come. The provisionally elected roles are the SEF Councillor, all NUS Delegates and the Student Rights Vice-Presidents.

President: Olivia Brumm

Secretary: Cameron Mackie

Treasurer: Liam Blair

Vice-Presidents (Student Rights): Taylor Thomas and Sarah Balmer

Vice-Presidents (Campus Culture): Megha Prasad and Jordan Dyce

Vice-Presidents (Gender and Sexuality): Amy Sargeant and Genevieve Hitzke

Vice-President (Sport): Joel Hennessy

Indigenous Officer: Jennifer Barnaby

Postgraduate Officer: Nikka Turangan

International Students Officer: Dac Duy Anh (Rodo) Nguyen

Environment Officers: Seren Wyatt and Hannah Smith

Newspaper Team: Emily Readman, Ella Brumm, Alexander Asher, Anahita Ebrahimi and Ashleigh North

Business Faculty Councillors: Matthew Cowan (A Casual Vacancy Exists for Second Councillor Role)

Creative Industries Faculty Councillors: James Armstrong and Kelvin Crawforth

Education Faculty Councillors: Zoe Davidson and Samuel White

Health Faculty Councillors: Mark Krkobabic, Erika Gilbert

Law Faculty Councillors: Ben Quick and Allegra Thomas

SEF Faculty Councillors: Saskia Mathers and Asier Goni

Please note that National Union of Students Delegates can hold a Councillor or Executive role concurrently with their NUS role.

National Union of Students Delegates: Saskia Mathers, Olivia Brumm, Amy Sargeant, Megha Prasad, Declan Kerr, Cameron Mackie, Liam Blair


The count for positions per electoral group/independent stands as follows:

Left Action: 1 role held by one person

Saskia Mathers (Independent): 2 roles held by one person

Reach: 35 roles held by 30 people.


Glass would like to congratulate all nominated candidates and the provisionally elected position-holders. This publication will continue to be a place where those elected to represent QUT students will be held to account throughout their time with the Guild. The handover of electoral terms is on December 1, 2020.

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