Adulting 101 Project a Major Success

COVID-19 has affected all of us and, for students especially, opened our eyes to all the things we needed to figure out on the fly. We’ve had a lot of time inside at the start of the year and with that time, many people embarked on a journey of self-improvement outside of our university degrees.

The QUT Guild Student Rights portfolio for 2020 set out to address the issue of all the things we as young adults don’t know with their Adulting 101 series. Student Rights VP’s Sarah Balmer and Ramisa Raya have tag-teamed on video Q&A’s that have been live-streamed on the QUT Guild Facebook page.

The sessions have covered a wide-variety of topics that will help students evolve and become better adults, equipping them with practical skills that will help them in their everyday lives. Previous Adulting 101’s have including Tax Time, Sustainability, Professional Writing, Budgeting, Academic Misconduct and Superannuation, with more to come. Each of these sessions are hosted with a Student Rights VP and a guest who is an expert in the topic.

These topics are ones that typically are not covered in high school or at university unless you are majoring in the specific topics. The livestreams have received a significant amount of praise by viewers, and reach thousands of viewers.

The next episode will be all about investing and learning how to invest as a young person with a representative from the wealth management firm Morgans. Following the QUT Guild Facebook page is the best way to follow along with the Adulting 101 series as it develops.

Links to Previous Adulting 101 Recordings 

Budgeting with QUT’s Welfare Officers

Academic Misconduct with Anna Wilson

Sustainability with Hannah Smith

Professional Writing with Em Readman (oh hey it’s me!)

Em Readman
Em Readman

Em Readman is a writer from Meanjin who lives in Boorloo. She has been published in Aniko Press, the Suburban Review, Bowen St Press, Baby Teeth Arts, and others. They were an editor of Glass Magazine in 2020 and 2021, and won the 2022 Blue Knot Foundation Award with the Hunter Writer's Centre.

Articles: 64

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