QUT Guild Council Meeting: A Catch-Up

What happened?

QUT Guild held a council meeting on June 22 at 6 pm. The minutes can be found on the QUT Guild Facebook here.

Highlights include; appointment of the Guild Health Faculty Councillor, a motion to confirm policies for the Guild’s internal operations and a motion to confirm the QUT Guild’s intention to campaign against the recent announcement of university fee changes.

The position of Health Faculty Councillor received one nomination and was confirmed during the council meeting. This position was filled by Katherine Nguyen. The roles of the faculty councillors are discussed in the QUT Guild Regulations at s 43.1 and in the Glass article here. The Faculty Councillor Report was removed from the meeting agenda. Saskia Mathers, SEF Faculty Councillor, removed this report from the agenda due to low engagement by other Faculty Councillors.

QUT Guild Treasurer, Liam Blair, spoke on the proposed increase in university fees education by Education Minister Dan Tehan. More on this topic by Liam Blair can be found on Glass here. The motion asked the Guild to act in response to these events by announcing their opposition to the fee changes, provide support to the Brisbane-based campaign and work with student unions and NUS to coordinate campaigns. The Guild has since posted on their Facebook regarding the protests;

On Friday, Education Minister Dan Tehan announced increases to fees for certain degrees deemed saturated and…

Posted by QUT Guild on Monday, June 22, 2020


If you have any questions regarding council meetings or QUT Guild policies do not hesitate to contact the QUT Guild. This can be done here.



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