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Hi All,

So many changes in two weeks. Anahita, Ashleigh, Jas and Em won the election (yay!), rocked up to the offices to start work and were immediately sent home due to the coronavirus pandemic. Don’t panic! We’re still here to keep you informed and make sure your voice is heard throughout all of this. There are a lot of moving parts, and we’re doing the best we can under the circumstances. So, here we are to give you an update.

What is the QUT Guild doing?

The Guild is still here. All officers are working from home and are working to help advocate for students through this whole process. The QUT Guild Facebook page is still the most accurate source of information and the fastest as well. All of our officers are transitioning to helping students remotely and we are doing our best to make sure that the quality of our work stays consistent through this whole process. Advocacy is still here too, so make sure to get in touch with them if you need academic assistance. 

What is Glass doing?

Your Glass Gals are working from home and practising social distancing. This won’t change the quality of our content, but we’ll be switching things up in terms of delivery. From this point onwards, Glass will only be operating online. Our print distribution is on hold for the time being and our Issue 8 Launch can no longer take place at our favourite bar (we’re going to miss our cocktail specials and vego pizza). 

This won’t stop us from celebrating the talent of our cohort. Think Pyjama Zoom parties and a discord channel running 24/7 to accommodate our new sleeping schedules. Bring your unfinished manuscripts, your furry friends and that bottle of Shiraz you’ve been saving for that cancelled house party. 

What can you do?

We still want your work! Our aim is to keep the ball rolling with submissions for Issue 8. Issue 8 will continue as scheduled but obviously not in print for the time being. 

Any work you would like submitted to Glass Magazine for an eventual print is due on the 3rd of April. 

Other channels for student contribution include; 

The Together Apart Journal: A COVID-19 specific journal about lifting spirits, bringing light to issues and injustice and examining life under quarantine.

Homeschool Column: Apply to be one of our regular writers and show QUT students how you’re managing university from home. These columns will be published fortnightly.

COVID-19 Concerns: Is your unit failing you through online study? Tell us and we’ll call them out! You can find the link for submissions here: 

We’re thinking of all of you at this tough time, and we hope that Glass can at least be a little distraction from the world at large. Even though we’re all stuck in different houses, we can grow this community together online. Stay safe and stay inside. Love you all.


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