String of Love: Isabella Lamb

This collection reveals the 'String of Love' uniting us, regardless of distance. Each silhouette represents a unique relationship of one’s life, drawing inspiration from Isabella’s own connections. It emphasizes thoughtful fashion design through hands-on experimentation and expressive symbolism.

Unravel: Lily Yadlosky

’Unravel’ combines structural construction and organic flow to explore the relationship between beauty and chaos. Through blending unpredictable fabrication methods and mathematical pattern-making, ‘Unravel’ comes together in a perfect harmony.

Not Dead, But Different: The Commodification of The Music Industry 

The music industry of today feels very different to the way I imagined it to be last century, in the time of Woodstock ‘69, Rolling Stone magazine, and the way music and the connections between artists and fans were the most important things in the industry. Maybe it’s just media like Almost Famous and Daisy Jones and The Six that have instilled in me a romanticised idea of what the music industry could be, or has it really changed? 
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