an ode to the sun 

By Ava Eid

could there be a time more glorious than daybreak? 

a still, fogged air wafts over the lake and says its final goodbyes to the evening. 
the birds emerge from their slumber to dance across the sky once more. 
i am perched on the edge of the world awaiting the sun’s late-september debut; 
she is shy today 
or rather the clouds are bold. 

summer’s tantalising glow is pacing itself 
oh, how i crave that familiar touch ! 
those pulsating beams of light ! 

in december the dawn calls me from my sleep; 

the dusk begs me to stay. 

i savour these hours, for soon enough, they shall be winter’s loot 
and i will no longer dwell in the margins of the day. 

at last !  
the sun lifts her cloudy veil. 
the weeds tussle softly in the breeze. 
my hair tosses about as the wind fancies himself a puppeteer. 

i slept restlessly last night, a mere four hours, 
but i have never been as awake as i am now. 
“awaken my love !” cries the sun. 
and i, acquiescent and wanting, 
crawl to the foot of her bed and offer my soul
(an amuse bouche before breakfast’s elaborate spread). 

some call it love but i know it is limerence 
and i will drink her gold until i am drunk and dying. 

Ava Eid is incessantly devoted to the pursuit of the sun and all that persists beyond the earthly realm. Her journey as a poetess began at nine years old and has flourished since she has expanded her vocabulary. As she falls deeper into the bottomless pit of philosophy, she finds herself unable to contain her words any longer. She is currently working on her debut poetry collection. You can watch as she traverses the globe through @byavaeid on instagram.


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