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Night of Fornication

By Mohith Kumar Gatla Two thieves,Ready to start the game,To steal each other. A night where,Ravenous looks are fed,A thirst for sea of wishes,Will be guzzled. The darkest time where,A long wait will end,And pleasures have no end,Slowing the time…


In those few moments, when I was three stories up, flying above the concrete with nothing tying me down, I felt a sense of freedom that I couldn’t attain anywhere else.  

Private Pleasures 

By Lilian Martin Trigger warning: this piece contains a whole lotta sexual references…  For as long as I can remember, I knew there was a feeling of pleasure to be gained by grinding, rubbing, or even bouncing my privates against…


The ceiling fan whines as it spins, moving back and forth between two speeds. It’s doing its best to break the heat, but with the setting sun sliding in through the open window, it’s an optimistic attempt.  
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