little star can i be yours 

By El Waddingham

you saw the stardust in me 

stardust that exists in all of us 

but you gave name to mine. 

for a moment we were 

among the supernovas. 

*explosion here* 

burning bright, 


not at all gentle. 


it blew the dust away 

took me down from the heavens 

while you still soared. 

i couldn’t put it into words 

those foil star stickers covering my face, 

i felt like an object 

one of affection 


still an object. 

to be admired but never deeply. 

god, you made me feel like a man 

among those divine bodies of light  

entirely unworthy of how high 

you had placed me. 

grabbed unwilling from 

my place here on earth 

and thrust into your milky way. 

i was my own little rock 

weigh down low. 

you came and dislodged me 

ground me into your perception and 

i have deserved nothing of such 

frivolous beauty 

since i was placed here. 

within my little patch of dirt 

i have never been confused about 

my purpose 

my little rock-self 

until i was in your eyes. 

now all that is left of us 

are those stickers 

gold and crumpled 

on my carpet 

reminding me that i am more than 

what my eyes can see. 

they’re collecting dust. 

collecting memories 

of who i am now. 


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