Student Columns

Talk To Strangers! (No Matter What Your Mother Says)

I know, you were raised to believe that talking to strangers is dangerous and can only end with you unconscious in a van somewhere. I understand completely; as a child, my mum made my sisters and I watch The Lovely Bones so that we wouldn’t trust strange old men. Despite this, I have come to learn that interacting with people you don’t know can be good for you (within reason, don’t ask the shadowy figure following you down the street how their day is going).

HOUSE OF LEAVES or, Postmodern Science, the Hypercube and Parallel Dimensions, and the Hypertext 

House of Leaves is a weird book. It’s ergodic, postmodern, epistolary, and thirty other adjectives only used by wankers and nerds (me). It’s the kind of book that has academic papers written about it, and those papers have sections titled, “Postmodern Science, the Hypercube and Parallel Dimensions, and the Hypertext”. Seriously, that’s an actual chapter in this Buffalo State College paper. 

The Dreaded Digital Detox 

Honestly, I have been wanting to take an internet break for a very long time, but scrolling works in a similar way to an addiction. You’re never really satisfied, but you find yourself always going back for more. This may be a little embarrassing to admit, but since I first joined Instagram at the young young age of 13, I don’t think a single day has passed that I have not scrolled.
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