‘Not affiliated with the LNP’ says ex-Guild President in LNP campaign video

Former QUT Guild President Isobella Powell appeared in a Trevor Evans Liberal National Party (LNP) campaign video and reminded students that EPIC are definitely not, absolutely not, never were never will be, why would you think they are, they’re seriously not, affiliated with the LNP.

“Trevor was crucial in helping to improve student life during my time as QUT Guild President,” Powell said after the six-person camera crew happened upon her ready for her close up.

“Don’t forget, we (E)nded (P)olitics (I)n (C)ouncil! It’s cancelled,” said Ms Powell.

“We’re not affiliated with the LNP,” Ms Powell said with a slightly raised voice.

President Vinnie Batten commented on the video which was uploaded on Sunday, and said that Ms Powell and EPIC “pretended and lied that the Guild was apolitical and non-partisan despite being stacked with members of the Young LNP.”

His comment was quickly deleted and he was banned from the page.

“We’re not affiliated with the LNP,” Ms Powell shouted, somewhere in the distance.

Mr Batten included links to a Courier Mail article (paywalled), covering the attempted rigging of last year’s Guild elections, and the Institute of Public Affair’s (IPA) website, which lists Ms Powell as a campus coordinator.

“Isobella is also the QUT campus coordinator for the IPA, who is on record in this election campaign about wanting to repeal the Fair Work Act, and accusing the Bureau of Meteorology of manipulating climate change data,” Mr Batten said.

“We’re not affiliated with the LNP,” I heard a muffled voice yell somewhere outside the Guild office, as I wrote this article.

Liam Blair
Liam Blair
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