Blackboard to Canvas confusion: QUT Students overload Canva purchasing Pro Plans

Thousands of QUT students have mistakenly bought Canva Pro subscriptions in the wake of news that QUT will be transitioning away from Blackboard to Canvas. 

A Canva Pro subscription costs $164.99/year and the high price has students concerned in the current cost of living crisis. 

QUT Student Bartholomew Shorts IV said that he is upset to have had to dip into his trust fund to cover this unexpected expense. 

“I find it unacceptable that now Mummy and Daddy’s money has gone to waste just because QUT can’t manage to communicate clearly,” he said speaking to the Glass Gazette this morning. “Just because I still live in the pool house of my parents’ Paddington residence doesn’t mean I’m any less affected by this than others.” 

Bartholomew refused to comment when our Editors questioned him further about how much a Canva Pro subscription had actually damaged said trust fund. 

Students like Bartholomew have become the latest victims in QUT’s war against learning management system Blackboard. 

This accidental cost has meant that hundreds of students will go hungry as many report they spent money that would have otherwise gone to purchasing essential nutrition such as ramen and iced coffee. 

Parent to QUT Student Frankie Whitner said their daughter often complains about a case of the stomach grumbles. 

“It really upsets me—all she wanted to do was be prepared for the updated system and now she’s unable to focus without her morning cold drip coffee.” 

The QUT Guild Online Learning Officer condemned the university’s “poor communication” about this matter, and called on the university to pay affected student’s costs. There are concerns from within the University, however, that this will eat into the institution’s billion dollar cash reserves, causing cashflow issues for QUT. 

Blackboard has a released a statement expressing their devastation that students are being negatively impacted by this change. 

The news of the update cause huge ramifications as Canva stocks skyrocketed—surpassing the likes of Bitcoin. 

Canva’s website has finally been reactivated after the huge influx of website visitors overloaded their systems and cause a shut down that lasted 37 hours. 

Canva issued a statement welcoming all the new Canva-Pro members and reported that the profits will bring a more robust system to prevent shutdowns of this nature in the future. 

This is legitimately sarcasm—so just laugh and don’t take offence pleaseor assume any of the facts are true! If you want to read Glass’ real coverage of the move to Canvas, have a squiz here. 

Ben Steele
Ben Steele
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