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Welcome to clubs in 2019

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On behalf of all clubs, we’d like to formally welcome you to QUT in 2019.

If you’re a returning student, we hope you had a relaxing summer, and if you’re new, we pretty much wish you the same thing.

This year, Glass will be working very closely with clubs at QUT, to promote their events, the membership advantages and the wonders of being part of a community on campus.

Being in a club gives students the opportunity to make friends within their cohort, explore extra-curricular activities, or simply find others with similar passions.

As part of the QUT Guild’s magazine re-brand, Glass has opened up submissions to all students, giving clubs the opportunity to promote themselves.

Glass encourages all students to join a club or two, and make life at uni that little bit more enjoyable.

Here’s some brief messages from clubs, on what they’re about and why you should join in 2019.

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QUT HR Connect

HR Connect is an enthusiastic, newly formed society at QUT!  

We are dedicated to helping students produce their most employable-self; be aware of job opportunities; connect with HR Professionals, and gain knowledge about topical issues and trends in the HR world.  

Even if you are not an HR or Management Student, forming networks and being involved in the student life is highly encouraged and will benefit you in the real world.  

We will be at O-Week on Monday 18th and Tuesday 19th of February, see you there! 

Check out our Facebook here.

QUT Pokémon

QUT Pokémon is a club where Pokéfans can come from all over QUT and talk about everything going on in all the worlds of Pokémon.  

Whether you’re a hardcore competitive player or casual fan, we have weekly casual meetups that everyone can join in on with events such as: Gym Leader battles, Trivia Nights, Amazing Races, Pokémon Go meetups, Social movie screenings, and Picnics.  

Check out our Facebook group here.

The Dub

The Dub is a design collective for students of the new School of Design within the QUT Creative Industries faculty.

We are excited to finally unite all of the disciplines: Architecture, Interior Design, Industrial Design, Landscape Architecture, Fashion and Interactive and Visual Design into one collaborative group of like-minded individuals.

Our belief is that Design is not a solitary discipline and that we, as designers, should work together and share lived/worked experiences in order to create new and incredible things.

The collective’s main goal is to achieve interaction between these groups and create strong links to design industries beyond the confines of QUT.

Visit our Facebook page for more information.

Fellowship of Medical Engineers

The Fellowship of Medical Engineers (FoME) is a student run club for those studying or interested in Medical Engineering i.e. saving and improving lives through math, science, and innovation.   

We offer professional networking nights, fun student social activities, professional development workshops, site tours, and this year, are excited to also be holding a social industry trivia night, and Medical Monthly Meetups targeted at different topics.   

Give us a like on Facebook for upcoming events, work experience opportunities, and your dose of ‘Med Eng Mondays’, where every Monday we bring to you the coolest new medical engineering related devices, designs, or concepts!  

Come ask us more and say hello at O-Week where we’ll be at Gardens Point Monday-Wednesday, or at Market day in Guild week.

QUT Debating Society

The mic drop.

A phenomenon that can be seen to conclude epic speeches, sick raps and winning arguments. What if I told you there was a way to ensure you were prepared for that mic drop moment? I introduce you to debating. A quintessential university activity that gives you the chance to argue with anyone, about anything, for fun.

The QUT Debating Society aims to develop debating skills, improving public speaking and confidence. We hold debates and training every Thursday night at GP. Being one of the few societies that meets every week, QUTDS is a great place to meet new friends as well as learn new skills. We debate a wide range of topics and everyone is welcome from beginners to the most experienced debaters.

Check out our Facebook page to find out more about competitions and events, as well as the weekly meet up details.


QUT MYSA is a fusion of culture, food, people and stories.  

We Malaysians take pride in who we are, in Malaysia and in Brisbane. Dare to experience a “rojak” (defined as an eclectic mix in everyday Malay according to Wikipedia) adventure when you join us at our events! We also do our best to take care of our members by hooking them up with deals that remind them of home, whether it be food, services or products.  

Come along and don’t be shy! Check out our Facebook here.


QUT GEMS is a student-run club with the purpose of empowering and supporting women in the engineering field.  

We run all kinds of events from charity trivia nights to industry networking evenings, and have a large mentoring program for first year students.  

If any of this interests you, come say hello at O-Week, or visit our Facebook page here to join up!

QUT Mathematics Society

The QUT Mathematics Society is a group dedicated to creating a community of people who love maths, and showing the world of QUT how awesome mathematics really is!  

We hold regular social meet-ups to connect with like-minded individuals. These include a weekly board games night, trivia nights, pub crawls, and a 500 Tournament. We also host a workshops, and guest lectures that enable students to further their mathematical skills. 

If you have any questions about what we do or upcoming events, contact us through email ( or Facebook.

Socialist Alternative QUT

We are the revolutionary socialists on campus – your local campus chapter of the largest socialist group in Australia, Socialist Alternative.

If you hate capitalism, racism, fascism, sexism, homophobia, war, or the impending global ecocide, come have a chat with us! We stand for the overthrow of the capitalist system and its replacement with a democratic, worker-run society organised around meeting human need rather than profit.

We hold regular meetings on and off campus, organise and attend rallies, attend the annual Marxism conference in Melbourne that attracts over 1,000 leftists from across the country, and run a weekly discussion group on the basics of Marxism.

Message our Facebook page to get involved!

QUT Baseball

Never played Baseball before? Considering joining a sports club that is solely built on meeting new people and having fun? The QUT Baseball Club’s got you! 

The QUT Baseball Club is a student run club for players of any skill level and gender, to come and play baseball every Saturday in a relaxed social environment. Whether you’re a first year student looking to get your mind off of your studies, or if you’ve never even played baseball before, we encourage all to come and join the club!   

For those who are looking to play more competitively, we represent QUT in the Australian Div 1 University Games every September, and all players of the club are welcome to come and play for the week-long tournament.  

For further information, check out our Facebook page to keep up to date with trials, trainings, games and social events!

Student Paramedic Undergraduates

Hi there from Student Paramedic Undergraduates!

SPU – pronounced SPEW (yes, you read it right, exactly like vomit) is a student run society at QUT for student paramedics. SPU aims to foster a community for student paramedics that supports and develops the academic, professional and social aspects of members’ lives by providing a variety of experiences.

Throughout the year we aim to provide educational support for our fellow students through self-directed learning, CPD events, and information sessions, just to get started. We also know that uni students love to party (and we do too) so we hold social events throughout the year like our party boat cruise, trivia night and annual ball which encourages the student paramedics to mingle with their colleagues.

Check out our Facebook page!

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