QUT Gluttony Society: Heaven for foodies

QUT Gluttony Society is QUT’s first and only all inclusive food club. 

We facilitate the sharing of recipes, naming the hidden culinary gems of Brisbane and surrounding areas, as well as a plethora of events throughout the year. GluSo will have your appetite well and truly satisfied. 

QUT Gluttony Society was formed after the founder and current President’s friend group realised there wasn’t a resource students could go to for lunch partners if they were lonely on campus, so we started GluSo as a way to foster a fun food community at QUT. 

Over our last three years of being an affiliated club, we’ve connected students to hundreds of restaurants and cafes, and shared even more recipes. 

We have had over 300 members each year, and currently sit just over 2.6k members in our large Facebook community, which you can find here.

If you eat food, of any variety, with any dietary requirements, we are the society for you.

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