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QUT Anime and Manga: Breaking Stereotypes for the Dawn of 2019

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When you think about Anime and Manga fans, what kind of image comes to mind? Perhaps an anti-social shut-in? Maybe you imagine someone wasting away in front of a computer, scarping by in life. That image can’t be further from the truth.

You think Anime is for useless shut-ins? We have a former government correctional lawyer who dealt with State prisoners. You think Anime and Manga is for the kids, or the seriously immature? One of our members is working 3 jobs whilst managing her own house and studying to be a teacher. Perhaps you say, it’s a luxury only afforded to those with nothing better to do, unwilling to try to make a difference? We have a truly gifted game developer who is creating an Award Winning game called Aspie Life that shares the experience of living with Autism, breaking down barriers and educating others. Watch an interview he did with ABC here!

Here at QUT Anime and Manga, we have a diverse cast of characters. Forget everything you’ve heard about Anime or Manga, because we’re here to break all the stereotypes!

Do you feel like the club you joined at O-week disappeared on you like every protagonist’s father ever the moment you got distracted? Never fear! QAAM is happy to admit that we are one of the most engaging student societies at QUT, with Weekly Anime Screenings and Manga Readings!

That’s not all; we’ve got special events sprinkled throughout the year, with our own special ANIME ARCS. We’ve had our very own BEACH EPISODE, where we have awesome BBQs by the beach and play games (with a gallon of sunscreen because Australia), as well as a TOURNAMENT ARC, where members face off against defending champions in bowling, laser tag, pool and karaoke!

New to the scene; Rock on that Attack on Titan Survey Corps Uniform, that vintage Goku Training outfit or that kawaii Totoro onesie (because you can finally wear them outdoors (without being tasered)) to cosplay during our Anime Appreciation Events!

Are you ready to visit a world more interesting than the usual? Are you a full-fledged Anime Otaku, or even a new fledgling, with nothing but a couple episodes of Naruto under their belt? Do you just want a place to make some friends, and make the best of your uni life?


Check out our Facebook page and our Facebook group for more info!

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