Are Law Exams Cancelled?

No. But big changes are being made in response to COVID-19 to ensure students can undertake their end of semester in exams under equitable means. As you’ve already heard, there will be no physically invigilated exams this semester. Instead, all law exams will be replaced by an online exam that can be completed by students within a specified 24-hour period. The exam will be accessible through Blackboard and you will be required to upload your completed exam to Turnitin, as if you were submitting an assignment. Following your submission, you will need to complete a student integrity declaration. 

Don’t worry – from what we know, there will be no spyware and no webcams involved. I know this will be very different to what we’re used to but keep an eye out on Blackboard Announcements as your unit coordinators should be helping with preparation in the coming weeks. During the exam, you will have an ‘ask an invigilator’ option where you can talk to an invigilator if you feel as though there is an error in your exam. You, of course, will not be able to ask questions about the exam content.  

I, myself am relieved that the law school has decided to take a student-focused approach to combatting the impact of COVID-19 by making sure that the exam changes were fair and accommodating for students. Although there has been scepticism within QUT Stalker Space regarding the 24-hour frame, the Guild’s understanding of the Conduct of Exams 2020 Announcement is that, although it is recommended that the exams should only take the normal 2 ½ hours to complete, students can reaccess the exam any time within the specified 24 hour period. 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with your studies, don’t forget that the LLB Help Me program is continuing online. You can either send the ‘law partners’ a message through their Facebook page or send them an email to Drop in sessions are continuing through their page too.

Not interested in talking about exams but rather want to stay connected with other law students? Join the Law School Lunchroom on Fridays between 12pm – 1pm for a virtual lunch break. Bring along your coffee, lunch or some snacks to the Zoom and catch up with your cohort. The sessions are meant to be casual and fun so don’t stress about timing/dress code.  

It’s not ProctorU, so I’m stoked.

Anahita Ebrahimi
Anahita Ebrahimi
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