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Staying Home Sparks Green Thumb 

Native plant sales soar across the nation, particularly in South Australia, during the COVID 19 Lockdown. With boredom spiking as we all stay home, many Australians are turning to gardening to pass the time. Native plants are wonderful for the local ecosystem, the plants do not require a lot of water, great for the soil, and they’re also fire retardant.

Gollum Raises £292,405 For Charity  

Andy Serkis, who played ‘Gollum’ in LOTR, hosted a livestream on May 8 to raise funds for NHS Charities Together and Best Beginnings. His GoFundMe can be found here, the goal of £350,000 (AUD 664,887.70) has been 83% completed at time of writing. His ‘armchair marathon’ was 12 hours long and consisted of live reading of The Hobbit. 

Seventh Most Polluting Nation Pledges to Reach Net Zero Emissions by 2050 

The national election in South Korea too place last month and the Democratic Party took office with President Moon Jaein. The party won 60 new seats (now holding 180 out of 300 seats), after the largest election turnout decadesheir manifesto outlined plans to introduce a ‘carbon tax, a requirement to end investment in coal, and a focus on investment in renewable energy sources, as well as a hydrogen strategy’ (Forbes, 2020). Their Green New Deal has been modelled off the European Commission’s European Green Deal, according to President Moon Jae-in 


Ash Barty and Pat Rafter turn up to support COVID-19 Workers 

Tennis champions Ashleigh Barty and Pat Rafter have thrilled frontline health workers at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital with a surprise visit to a COVID-19 ward. While social distancing, of course, they met doctors, nurses and support staff and thanked them for their hard work.  

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