Why are women’s clubs important at University?- Sarah McCutcheon

By Sarah McCutcheon (Treasurer of Women in Law) 

I could tell you all of the classic answers to this question. I could tell you that women’s clubs have really great events, that they are a great place to meet friends and are a way of getting involved with your university. But even though women’s clubs at QUT offer all of these things, just like any club, they have a special quality to them that most others don’t. 

When I was elected into the executive team of Women in Law, I was so excited. I felt like I was stepping up to the damn table and it’s a great feeling when you are bettering your professional identity. Although I was excited, I was just as terrified as I well knew I wasn’t the smartest or brightest there. It was intimidating to hear my team mates talk about judges who I didn’t know the name of, work experience they had already done and the passion that shined through them. But grew up with the advice that if I was the smartest in the room, then I was in the wrong room. And this women’s club was definitely facilitating the right room. 

There’s something about seeing women leadership in action in your immediate surroundings. It’s encouraging and inspiring. You can look up to politicians, managers and social activists, but there will always be a filter or a distance that can feel overwhelming when trying to reach your own goals in their footsteps. It’s a constant questioning of “how?”. The inspiration is the best thing about women’s clubs because you are seeing student leaders who are, most of the time, in the exact same position as you. You can see women’s leadership at its entry levelwhich shows you what you can do right now to start your journey. 

Instead of waiting until you graduate and for your career to settle in, these women are showing you what amazing things you can get involved with whilst you’re studying. Leadership is a big focus of Women in Law, and I’m excited for our upcoming events that represent our view on adding balance to life, to lead with kindness and for all to be accepted. Below is a list of our upcoming events, like us on Facebook to be a part of this amazing opportunity to learn and be a part of something great. 




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