When you work in food reclamation, 

You understand what waste is: 

Crates of brown bananas, simply thrown away; 

On the shelf, then in the trash, 

Value gone within a day. 

Imagine the lost banana bread. 


When you work in unemployment, 

You understand what waste is: 

Uni grads in coffee shops, but only to intern; 

While finding their artistic voice, 

It’s either earn or learn. 

Imagine the lost esteem. 


When you work in a book store, 

You understand what waste is: 

Books sent back to be repulped; 

Or classics slowly growing dust, 

Unwanted, and unloved. 

Imagine the lost discoveries. 


When you work in mental health, 

You understand what waste is: 

Students falling through the cracks, struggling alone; 

Dragged down slowly, day by day, 

Or trapped wherever thrown. 

Imagine the lost potential. 


When you work in an op shop, 

You understand what waste is: 

Bags of rags outselling shirts; 

Or untouched racks like haunted groves, 

Silent and unmoving. 

Imagine the lost merch. 







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