To her- Kell

By Kell

To her 

To the girl who pushed away the ones who loved her most. You’re a disappointment to your family. You’re a selfish bitch. Your parents didn’t raise you to become the woman you are today. Society doesn’t accept the woman you are today. To her who cares for nobody but herselfWho walked away when things got hard. 

The girl who cut people off 

who cut herself off 

This is to you 


To her 

To the girl who didn’t know. 

The girl who tried her best for the circumstances she was in 

To the girl who was destructive in her attempt to escape pain 

To the girl who was a bit too hard on herself, to the girl who was unaware 

They may never forgive you for what you did 

but I do 


To her 

Tthe girl who didn’t speak up 

The girl who choked, and replaced her no with consent 

To the girl who risked her own safety 

and violated her own body in an attempt to avoid offence 

The girl that copped it all because she didn’t want to be too high maintenance 

this is to you 

and your needs are important 


To her 

To the girl who is learning every day 

The girl who struggles to protect her own heart 

The girl who hits herself for making the same mistakes 





To the girl who never let go 

The girl whose emotions are too much to bear 

this is to you 

and you are not a burden 


To her 

To the girl who struggled to forgive her mother 

The girl who strives for her fatherapproval 

To the girl who subconsciously hurts people 

The girl who’s seen as a toxic friend 

To the girl I lashed out upon, who I have now come to admire 

The girl whose past is filled with fear, drunken nights 

isolation and impulsive decisions 


You are not unlovable 

you are not worthless 

you are not too much 


This is to you. 


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