The Stranger- Crystal Goulding

By Crystal Goulding

There he was, standing in front of the fire, the strange man I had rescued from the storm. His clothes were hanging over a rack just out of reach of the fire’s flames. His body was muscular yet soft, I watched as the reflection of the fire’s flames danced around on his skin. He looked over at me and smiled, I hadn’t noticed it was staring until this moment. I give a shy smile and look away awkwardly.  

I hear footsteps approaching me, I look up and he is standing there right beside me, I can feel the heat radiating off his body. He kneels beside my chair and leans closer. I feel a fire burning through my body as his lips brush against mine. He cups the side of my face with his hand while he kisses me harder, with more need. I can smell the remnants of the rain in his hair and the forest on his skin. He slowly pulls away. Both of us are breathing heavily. He pulls me up out of my chair and sits me beside him in front of the fire. And there we stay, wrapped in each other’s warm embrace. 


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