Angry- Mariam

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By Mariam

I have so much anger inside of me 

Like a disease spreading throughout my entire body 

Like a box refusing to be locked with its key 

And sometimes, it gets the better of me 


My tongue will turn into a weapon 

Shooting words like bullets coated with toxic venom 

Breaking everybody around me like it’s my mission 

I would make you disappear, but I’m no magician 


I have hate too. God help me, so much hate 

I tried so hard to let it go but it’s a dark, heavy weight 

You’re no better than me, your grace 

You’re the devil hiding behind a beautiful face 


They say ‘blood runs thicker than water’ 

What if that blood ran through the veins of a monster? 

Can I scream at you until my voice reaches every corner? 

Or will I sit still and be a good little daughter? 

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