Gazette: The shittest person in your group assignment thinks it’s an equitable process

“It’s great that we’ve all really pulled our weight here.”


Queensland University of Technology student Richard Tate has today decided that he is a valuable member of his group assignment team, and thinks he deserves the same grade as his peers.

Tate, who strong-armed his way into an already established group during a tutorial last week, is really excited for his peers to get in contact with him so that he can begin working on his part.

Tate, a Mechanical Engineering student, is enrolled in a business elective as a part of his minor, BSB024, which he says he is excited to begin working on.

‘I just really feel I gel well with this team,’ Tate told the Gazette.

‘I only remember the name of one guy in the group though, so might be a bit hard to do much this week aha.

‘I shot him a message on Facebook a few days ago and he hasn’t replied, so it’s pretty much his fault I haven’t done anything yet.’

Tate says if his group members continue to ignore him, he will be forced to take drastic action and call them out on StalkerSpace 2.1.

More to come.

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