Glass Editor Left Heartbroken After Failed Love Letter Attempt 

In an unprecedented loss, Glass Editor Tione has failed to garner a response after she didn’t realise she should write the date on her anonymous QUT Love Letter. 

QUT Love Letters, a Facebook page primarily designed for QUT students to write anonymous posts about people on campus they like – or in some cases, hate (KG high school students, we’re looking at you) – is the go-to place when you see someone hot.  

Tione, knowing this very common knowledge, tried to shoot her shot recently on the page after handing out a magazine to someone very good looking.  

Alas, the common knowledge to also add in the date that you saw the good-looking person was not common enough for Tione. 

In a shocking turn of events, her love letter was not posted immediately. 

In fact, it wasn’t posted for a few days. 

Now, she understands that the administrators of this beloved page are quite busy – the business of love is hard work, after all. 

But when someone leaves their brain at home and forgets to write what day they saw a pretty person, should they be punished for that? 

Tione’s love letter now did not make sense. 

She referenced “11:30 today” – but by the time the letter was posted, the “today” she referenced was not the same.  

So, perhaps the gorgeous person targeted in her post missed it. Perhaps they waited for her love letter the day she saw them, but when nothing came of it, they moved on. Or perhaps they simply didn’t love her back. 

We may never know. 

All because of a missing date… she may never get a date. 

Rest in peace, Tione’s love life. 

It will be missed (if it ever existed). 

Tione Zylstra
Tione Zylstra

Tione is one of the 2024 Glass editors. She's a final year Journalism and Justice (majoring in policy and politics) student who lives to write about everything going on in the world. If you're after more of her work, check out Urban List Brisbane, The Music, and Purple Sneakers. Concerts and food are her go-to, so hit her up for either of those and you'll have a winner.

Articles: 17

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