Letting Go 

I sit, I watch, and I want to cry, but no one will notice. Everyone is too busy laughing, catching up on who slept with who, and what assignments haven’t been started with five hours to go until the due date. The college life is the epitome of feeling isolated in a room full of people. 

Poor Things: A feminist male sex fantasy

In the aftermath of this award season, I can’t help but feel sick to my stomach, and it's not just because of the catastrophic Barbie snubs. No, what makes me abhor this past Oscars ceremony is the Barbie snubs alongside the highly awarded fetishized porno masquerading as female empowerment that was the film, Poor Things. 


In those few moments, when I was three stories up, flying above the concrete with nothing tying me down, I felt a sense of freedom that I couldn’t attain anywhere else.  
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