QUT Guild adopting ‘NewVote’ to gauge Student Opinion

What is ‘NewVote’?

NewVote is an app and website that allows users to respond to issues raised in the community. NewVote is being trialed at the QUT Guild, to gauge student opinions on issues across the university. Currently, QUT Guild has added three issues.

The three issues that are open to discussion are:


‘Do you want more shaded areas for outdoor study?’ 


‘How many days should voting in the Guild elections be open?’ 


‘How much SSAF funding should the QUT Guild receive?’


This platform has the potential to expand to more in the future depending on the amount of engagement reached. We at Glass are big advocators for facilitating conversation democratically and urge you to keep an eye out for updates to NewVote as the year progresses. What do you think of this system?


Jasmin is a second-year Law and Business student at QUT.

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