QUT Council Undergrad Candidates: Josh Atkins

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Josh’s official candidate statement

“I’m honoured to seek the role of student member on the QUT Council. Since March, I’ve actively served as a student representative on the L&T sub-committee for the School of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences, advocating for enhanced teaching and learning experiences. My tenure thus far has instilled in me a deep understanding of student needs and academic responsibilities. I’m committed to ensuring and upholding all roles and responsibilities afforded to me upon my successful tenure to the Council.”

What sets me apart from the other candidates?

Hi team, my name is Josh and I’m a first-year student studying Sport and Exercise Science with the aim to continue studying a MPhil and ideally a PhD after that. So I’m here for the long term. With six years of dedicated service in the Australian Army, I rose to the rank of Corporal, leading and managing diverse teams. This experience honed my ability to understand and work with various working styles. After my discharge in 2015, I ventured into entrepreneurship, successfully running my own business and currently still doing so while juggling full-time studies.

My commitment to the community is evident in the annual event I established in 2021, where I run 21km in nothing but a pair of Budgy Smugglers and a 10kg weight vest along the Brisbane River to raise awareness and funds for mental health in the veteran community. Through these endeavours, I’ve mastered the art of managing multifaceted projects and building strong relationships across all organizational levels. These experiences uniquely position me to drive QUT and its community forward.

What do you think QUT Council does and what is your understanding of its power?

My understanding of the QUT Council’s power? Drawing from my extensive experience in leading businesses, events, and teams, I recognise the council’s pivotal role in the effective delegation of responsibilities and oversight. By empowering individuals to showcase their strengths, we can collectively work towards a shared vision and goal.

What are you aiming to achieve for QUT students as a member of Council? Why is this important to you? Why are you the person to get these things done? Why is this something students need?

My aim for QUT students as a Council member? My primary focus is the well-being and interests of the students, who significantly contribute to the university’s success. Every decision I make and vote I cast will echo the collective voice of the student body, ensuring that we continually propel QUT forward.

Why is this important to me? Building and nurturing relationships is at the heart of my approach. Just as Rome was built through the collective efforts of many, I believe in harnessing the power of collaboration to achieve greatness. My tenure will be marked by deliberate and meaningful efforts, working hand in hand with the QUT community.

Why am I the person to get these things done? At 32, I’ve traversed diverse paths, from the military to entrepreneurship, and from philanthropy to academia. These experiences have shaped my perspective, making me both wise (in some cases) and energetic. I’ve been in the shoes of many students, and I bring a blend of experience and enthusiasm to the table. I’m seasoned enough to make informed decisions and youthful enough to execute them with passion.

Why is this something students need? In a rapidly evolving world, students need representation that understands their challenges and aspirations. My diverse experiences and commitment to the community ensure that I not only understand these needs but also have the drive and capability to address them.

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