Power- Loïc J E Bishop

By Loïc J E Bishop

Power for me has three components: work over time, strength and love. If you ask my engineers mind what power is, it sees it as work over time. An equation we use over and over again to design systems. In this formula there is a lot of help for life. Work over time. Our power comes from us applying work over time. Consistently putting in the work and this builds into something. With this methodology we have the power to enact change and grow in our lives. Sometimes it is incremental work and other times it is a huge effort.  
Power is also about strength and control. When it is inside you, power is about standing up for who you are and what you believe in. So, this is power of belief. When it is being enforced on you it is the power of control. We have all experienced this type of power. The important thing is trying to live in the former rather than the latter. And like all good equations, if we have internal strength, then outward control cancels out. 
Lastly Love. The power of love is a beguiling one. Because it encompasses the others and also lives in its own sphere. Love has made me incredibly happy and other times, when I have lost a loved one, it has hurt deeply. I find my power stems from the love of my family. And I have recently discovered that love from a significant other detracted my power rather than amplified it. Like all things, this is all relative. So to find power from love find your people and find love that amplifies your strength and ability to work over time. Remove a love that controls you and saps your power. I guess this would be my individual manifesto for power for everyday life.


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