Bloodbath- Anahita Ebrahimi

By Anahita Ebrahimi

A lukewarm mixer between us

Your older brother’s gin

My god we are sickand we are tired

Sheepishly panderingto the host For you she is buzzing

For me she is scrupulous

Slow and sober

Slow and sombre


A toast to friendship

Could I have a moment?

The reassurance eats away at us

I succumb

And I have everything to lose

Everything went wrong

Why is it that we hold on?

I’m sorry I left the front door unlocked

And the candles burning all night


This is not where I want to be

But neither was there

And in between was

Clammy hands on the phone

And too many tears

Love letters between notes on

The London Blitz and



Maybe one day our remnants will be collected

And the shrapnel won’t be so sharp to the touch

It’s too late to clean the blood on the carpet

So I rip it out

And it’s fine but not liveable

We built this home so we could tear it down


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