Meet Your: Health Faculty Councillor- Tegan O’Connor!

Hey there! I’m Tegan!

I study a Bachelor of Behavioural Science (aka psychology) and am in my third and final year (fingers crossed). Recently, I was given the opportunity to represent my peers as a Health Faculty Councillor. A bit of background on me: I love the outdoors, camping and travelling. I’m also the treasurer for QUT’s ‘Get Psyched’ and have helped provide networking opportunities for psychology students.

I took this opportunity because I believe strongly in the value of all health students and their potential ability to change lives. Our ultimate objective as health students is to help others improve their lives. We study because we get that great satisfying sense of witnessing people overcome obstacles, whether it’s via Social work, Psychology, Nursing or one of the health sciences (Biomedical, Clinical, Exercise and nutrition or Optometry).

I’m not going to pretend, “I’ve been a councillor before.” What I will say is that I am a fast learner, an excellent listener, and I sincerely care about your concerns. My objective is to be a supportive councillor whose function is to project and make heard the significant issues that students encounter. When students come to me for support or advice, they also turn to me for clarification. And I believe that’s something I can contribute to the role: someone in your corner, listening to the specifics, and assisting you in finding a way out.

So, should you have any suggestions for the faculty or are encountering an issue, please contact us. Similarly, if you accomplish anything amazing or have the best experience in a unit, I would love to know about it!

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