Meet Your: Health Faculty Councillor – Zac Hyde!

Hi Glass Readers! My name’s Zac, and I do a double degree in Law and Psychology.

I’m extremely excited to share with you a little bit about myself, my aspirations and my plans as one of your 2023 Health Faculty Councillors.

2023 marks the start of my third year (nearly halfway!) and I’ve been granted the wonderful opportunity to support and represent the interests of other Health students. In my spare time (when not studying Law) I’m a huge fan of music and movies, but also enjoy reading a nice book.

I think the main issue we Health students have, and thus the way I can most effectively support us, is through accountability. Problems such as recycled material and inconsistent marking have understandably led to a lot of stress as of late. The way I intend to remedy this is to challenge the Health Faculty head-on, and to remain as transparent as I can with students concerning negotiations.

As for the rest of the Guild, I believe the most important thing to focus on in 2023 is simplicity. The complex avenues and templates that students have to use for their university services can lead to frustration. However, thanks to the effort of next year’s Guild members, a huge overhaul of these complexities is already underway.

That about wraps up my introduction! Please reach out if you want to have a chat, say hi or need anything into next year! Take it easy Glassies!

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