Joan Njoku: Candidate for International Students Officer

Glass invited all candidates to submit a statement about why they’re running in the Guild elections and why you should vote for them. This statement is being published as received from the candidate.

Voting opens MONDAY 23rd OCTOBER 2023. You can read all candidate statements here.

I am Joan Njoku, and I am a Bachelor of nursing student. As an international student, I can relate to the struggles of my fellow international students. In as much as it is important to strengthen the academic and social communications between international students and local students, it is also necessary to develop a functioning and active community of international students. It is in my interest to provide this community of international students with the all the help and support they will need which is why I nominated myself as the international students’ officer. Finally, I believe it is necessary to establish a beneficial relationship where the university can have a comprehensive understanding of international students and organize a better management system which is in line with the interests of the students. As an international student’s officer, I will also be able to represent them in the student guild and present their views to the executive

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