Good News Bulletin: 5

Welcome to our fifth Good News Bulletin! It’s wild to think that we have been at home for five weeks, but we’re here with some good news to help you soldier through staying home. We’re proud of you! 


Social distancing restrictions relaxe 

Some of the social distancing laws in Queensland will be lifted in the beginning of May. The government welcomes people having picnics with a friend, going for drives and nonessential shopping as of this FridayAs people have been taking social distancing seriously, this heralds potential, as long as everyone follows the rules. We at Glass will definitely be going a little drive but will still be keeping our distance from others to stop the spread. 


QUT COVID-19 Modeling Predicts Good News  

COVID-19 has infected millions and killed hundreds of thousands of people worldwide, but a new predictor model devised at QUT offers glimmers of hope, suggesting the worst has passed and indicating well under 1000 deaths for Australia. Research mathematician, Dan Nicolau, is charting the curve prediction at , predicting less than 1000 total total deaths across Australia by the end of the virus.  


Sweden and Austria close their last coal plants 

Sweden’s commitment to cease coal production was achieved two years early, in April 2020 the last coal-fired power plant closed its doors. Not long after Sweden achieved coal free power, Austria’s last coal-fired facility shut down as well.  


Turtle Populations Recovering 

Leatherback Turtles, an endangered species, have seen exponential growth in the number of nests laid. As beaches are empty of tourists in Thailand, Florida and Brazil due to the coronavirus pandemic, the largest number of nests have been laid in over two decades, environmentalists say. This adds to the incredible amount of animal population recovery happening across the world with humans staying inside.

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QUT Guild 

The student union of QUT is finally able to hold their Annual General Meeting, the first council meeting of the year. The AGM is open to all students and displays executive reports and business plans to the QUT Guild Council, made up of executives and councilors. QUT Guild Council is the peak decision-making body of the Guild, and students with an interest in student politics are encouraged to attend  

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the QUT Guild will be occurring on Monday 27th of April at 6:00PM. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this meeting of Guild Council will occur in an online format. All meetings of Guild Council are open for QUT students to attend. If you are interested in attending, the details are as follows: 

Meeting ID: 950 7874 2942
Password: 019429 


Reader good news 

My family has finally learnt how to hold their cameras steady for group facetimes, which makes our chats so much easier, less motion sickness! It’s lovely to see their faces online when I can’t do it in person. – E 


I’ve started going on walks every day and it’s helped me in so many ways! – H 


I was accepted for a job interview! I have always loved self-development and learning about leadership, so I was over the moon when I was accepted for an interview with my university’s leadership program. Fingers crossed I get the role! – M 


I took my dogs to the beach yesterday. It was the first time me or them have left the house for anything other than groceries in the past few weeks and we all had a great time. – J  


Reorganised my entire closet and found a bunch of my old favourites which I thought I had lost forever. I also had a chance to reconnect with some old friends and FaceTime my family overseas. – A 



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