COVID-19 Restrictions Update for QUT Staff and Students: January 2021

The 72-hour lockdown is over, but some restrictions are still in place. What does this mean for QUT students and staff during the semester break?

As it stands, several restrictions will stay in place until 1am on Friday, January 22.

When out and about, you will have to carry a mask on your person at all times. This however does not necessarily mean you have to wear it at all times. Masks must be worn indoors in places including libraries, shops, gyms and workplaces where you cannot socially distance.

You are no longer required to wear a mask within your own vehicle, but still need one on public transport, taxis and ride-shares.

For students who take the Airport or Ferny Grove train lines, this is especially important, as the confirmed case of the UK strain of COVID-19 had travelled on the Airport line.

If you’re studying during the Summer Semester at any of the QUT libraries, you will be required to wear a mask indoors.

The GP and KG food courts, as well as the Botanic Bar will also require masks.

If you’re planning on throwing a house party, family gathering or picnic in a public place, you’re allowed a total of 20 people over (inclusive of yourself and other occupants). When going out to eat, you don’t have to wear a mask at your café or restaurant, but you will be required to stay seated.

Remember, if you have any flu-like symptoms at all, get tested immediately at a Qld Health testing clinic. Your nearest one can be located here:

Keep an eye on emails from the QUT Registrar for further updates for the incoming 2021 semester.

Alexander Asher
Alexander Asher
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