HOUSE OF LEAVES or, Postmodern Science, the Hypercube and Parallel Dimensions, and the Hypertext 

House of Leaves is a weird book. It’s ergodic, postmodern, epistolary, and thirty other adjectives only used by wankers and nerds (me). It’s the kind of book that has academic papers written about it, and those papers have sections titled, “Postmodern Science, the Hypercube and Parallel Dimensions, and the Hypertext”. Seriously, that’s an actual chapter in this Buffalo State College paper. 

Cousin’s Day

We took our positions. We readied our Nerf guns. The older boys had picked out the bigger ones, the ones that held fifteen to fifty foam bullets, with more bulging their pockets. I took one of the smaller ones that held eight, but I liked how powerful my small Nerf gun was.

A weight on our shoulders

Likened in my mind to that of a happy place, the gym has served as an escape from the stresses (though mere) of everyday life. University deadlines and missteps at work fail to infiltrate my thoughts while I’m there, my mind instead focusing on the next rep or set.
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