A Collection of Sporadic Thoughts From a Student in Isolation: Sonia Stone


Brisbane, Australia


Day 4: 

Really wish I bought a puppy before all this started. Or any pet, for that matter. 

Day 6:  

Gave up on convincing my parents it’s not too late to get a puppy. Had to settle for naming the house plants instead. I wonder if the neighbours want a dog-walker? 

Day 7: 

*Listens to Tame Impala’s Solitude is Bliss on Spotify* Right in the feels. I’m gonna make a playlist for isolation. Ah, but I can’t beat Spotify’s COVID-19 Quarantine Party Playlist. That’s playlist genius.

Day 9 (I think? The days all look the same):

Update on the neighbour dog-walking situation: no takers. Seems like everyone’s really treasuring the fact that they get to leave their house to walk their dog (sigh). 

Day 11: 

All right, that’s it: I’m jumping on the Tiger King bandwagon. 

Day 11 (later):

Wow, this Tiger King show is insane! Not sure how anyone can justify having a pet tiger and breeding them in captivity. Slightly confused as to how Joe Exotic’s zoo is more terrible than Carole Baskin’s, but I’m sure it’ll make sense in a few episodes. 

Day 12:

Found the best napping spot in the house. Ideal back support, access to a light breeze and clear of any direct sunlight. Genuinely baffled as to how I only just discovered it.

Day 14:

Oof, just found out its week six at uni? Big yikes.

Day 14 (minutes later):

Ah, but they’re giving us a leisurely two weeks to catch up on content over the mid-semester break! And, it’s actually in the middle of semester for once.

Day 16: 

I’ve been so engrossed in Joe Exotic’s personal life and legal debacles that I only just realised there’s been no mention of any tigers whatsoever in the past three episodes of Tiger King. Interesting. 

Day 17: 

I’ve been looking for a new Netflix series, because I’m perilously close to finishing Tiger King. A friend suggested that I instead watch tutorial recordings for class…


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