Your Flood Relief Guide


Wading through the mass of information about flood relief at the moment can be overwhelming.

This Guide is a run-down of relief services available to QUT students. We have aimed to make this article as comprehensive as possible, but if there is anything you think we should add, shoot an email to

Emergency Financial or Accommodation Assistance from QUT

QUT Registrar Leanne Harvey communicated in an email to all students this week that ‘if you are in need of emergency financial or accommodation assistance as a result of the flood crisis, please email, or call (07) 3138 2019 and a staff member will contact you as soon as possible.’

You may be eligible to receive an emergency bursary of $1,000 from QUT, and/or receive access to emergency student accommodation. Please find more information about all support being offered by QUT here.


Access to the Guild’s physical foodbanks will also resume as soon as the GP and KG campuses are reopened by the University. To access the Kelvin Grove foodbank, go to C201 (Kelvin Grove) and ring the bell to be let in. For Gardens Point, email to be given the passcode. That foodbank is in X block, the second door on the right out of the elevator. For any help, email  Please do not visit either campus, however, until the University has officially reopened – just access the vouchers above if you need help before the campuses reopen.

The QUT Student Guild will also be providing further & likely substantial assistance in this area soon, so keep your eyes peeled next week for announcements related to this. This Guide will also be updated as soon as this information becomes available.

You can also access other foodbank services in your area. Find information about foodbanks operating in Brisbane here.

If you reside outside of Brisbane, don’t be afraid to get in contact with foodbanks in your local area if you need help stocking your fridge.

State Government Assistance

You may be eligible for an Emergency Hardship Assistance Grant from the Queensland Government.

This is a payment to support people directly impacted by a disaster to who are unable to meet their immediate essential needs for food, clothing, medical supplies, or temporary accommodation.

If you are eligible, you may receive $180 per person up to $900 for a family of 5 or more. The grant is initially available to claim for 7 days following the activation of the grant in your area.

Emergency Hardship Assistance is not income or asset tested. To be eligible, applicants must meet all the following criteria:

  • live or are stranded in the targeted activation zone
  • have suffered hardship as a result of the event
  • are unable to meet your immediate essential needs for food, clothing, medical supplies, or temporary accommodation.

You can find out more about the Emergency Hardship Assistance Grant here.

You can also access information about other Queensland Government grants you may be eligible to receive here.

Federal Government Assistance

You may be eligible to receive the Disaster Recovery Payment (AGDRP) or Disaster Recovery Allowance (DRA) from the Federal Government.

Disaster Recovery Payment (AGDRP)

This is a payment to those in affected local government areas (including Brisbane) who have suffered a significant loss, including a severely damaged or destroyed home, or serious injury. The Disaster Recovery Payment is not income or asset tested.

If you are eligible, you may receive $1000 per eligible adult and $400 per eligible child.

You can find more information here.

Disaster Recovery Allowance (DRA)

The Disaster Recovery Allowance (DRA) will also be available to residents of some affected local government areas, providing up to 13 weeks payment to cover loss of income as a direct result of the disaster. This payment is currently only available to residents of Bundaberg, Cherbourg, Fraser Coast, Gympie, North Burnett, South Burnett.

You can find more information here.

Assistance for New Zealand Citizens

If you are a New Zealand citizen affected by the Queensland floods, you may also be eligible to receive assistance. Find more information here.

Getting Help with your Uni Work

If you’ve been affected by flooding, your uni work is probably the last thing on your mind at the moment.

If you haven’t seen already, Week 1 of semester has been pushed back to Monday 7 February 2022. Semester 1 will still run for thirteen weeks, so essentially all Semester 1 dates will be pushed back by one week. You can access the updated 2022 academic calendar here. Make sure to keep an eye on your emails and Blackboard for information specific to your units.

If you need to access extensions for any reason, know that you can access automatic 48-hour extensions with no supporting documentation required. You can find out more about applying for this type of extension and others here.

Checking in with Your Mental Health

QUT updated a support page yesterday with a comprehensive overview of the mental health services you have access to as a QUT student:

‘Confidential counselling, welfare, and chaplaincy support is available for all students. Book an appointment, email or call (07) 3138 2019. Students can also book an appointment for disability support.

QUT Medical Centres have phone appointments available with Mental Health Nurses, GP’s and Psychologists. Book an appointment, email or call (07) 3138 2321 (Gardens Point) or (07) 3138 3161 (Kelvin Grove).’

You can also find links to a range of useful mental health resources and services on the QUT Guild’s mental health page here.

Another Helpful Resource

We would also recommend checking out The Lady Musgrave Trust Guide, here. As QUT Student Guild Welfare Officer Alex Marks explains, the Guide ‘…outlines different community and support centres in the broader Brisbane and South East Queensland area, so you might be able to find a service that is more accessible and convenient as well as offer some face-to-face contact.’ Alex also notes that while the name of this guide was first produced to outline services available to homeless women, ‘…many of the services often extend beyond that as the company just uses that title as it is how they receive funding.’


Also remember that you can access Glass’ QUT Phonebook, which is a guide to other resources you can access as a QUT student.

Stay safe, Glassies. And remember to reach out if you need a helping hand.

Ciaran Greig
Ciaran Greig

Ciaran (she/her) is a Meanjin/Brisbane-based writer and an editor at Glass Magazine. She is currently studying a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Creative Writing)/Bachelor of Laws.

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