The Golden Cage- Max Cheah

By Max Cheah

We dive in lavish

We indulge in gold

The grand status brews a heart of coal

The surface of grandeur shines ever bright

Yet lonesome and despair feeds with all might

Am I a prince or am I a prisoner? I wish my life was just a commoner

The stories I heard of wonders and tales

Leaves me in excitement with no prevail

Oh how I wish I was one of the free people

Yet my cowardice has left me a weakling, a cripple

The heroines in stories set sail with bravery surreal

Brought with them a weapon of solid steel

I yearn for adventure yet I am not brave

To break past the barriers that keeps me safe

For I have a duty For I have a title

That as a royal,

I must be loyal

To my people

To my country

To the responsibility

God has bestowed upon me


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