The Fraser Fairy Forest 

By Ellie Gunton

behind a small suburban house, 
sat on a quiet street, 
is a garden made of wonderous things, 
enchanting as it greets. 

the forest rich with secrets 
and a jungle made of green, 
with winding paths and waterfalls, 
where fairies hide unseen. 

we played pretend beneath the boughs 
and journeyed through its leaves, 
uncovered ancient mysteries  
buried between the trees. 

spellbound we heard the whispers, 
from deep within the woods, 
of prophecies and dangerous quests, 
of evil versus good.  

into the mist, past mossy trunks, 
under umbrella leaves, 
protecting us deep in our haze 
of now forgotten dreams. 

for far into that thicket 
where the light would shimmer down, 
we felt the touch of fairy dust 
and weight of heavy crowns. 

the branches speak of days gone by, 
of those who tended them, 
the ferns and flowers sing the song 
of our ancestral glen. 

that wood is full of us and them, 
holds now our memory. 
the cathedral of our childhood 
is a distant reverie. 

where waterfalls would softly flow,  
over foliage covered stones, 
now is empty of our joy,  
abandoned and unloved. 

our younger days behind us now, 
the secret wood forgotten. 
it sits and waits, its magic strong, 
for new kin of our blood.  

enchanted woods will guide their way, 
its prophecy foretold, 
and it will come alive again, 
new tales of ancient souls. 

Ellie is a Master’s student with enough extra time (apparently) that she can write as a hobby. She loves to learn and actually quite likes university. She’s hoping that she can keep studying forever and never get a ‘real job’. Ellie has a particular fascination with Queen Victoria and her children, for no particular reason, and has a beautiful fluffy puppy aged 15. Her favourite Taylor Swift album is ‘Folklore’ and her favourite movie is Lego Batman.


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