Respect by Runali Alpesh Maniya

Respect in Oxford’s manual 

May sound technical,

“A due regard for other feelings,

Wishes and rights”

A bit lexical.

Let me put it in words more poetical,

Respect is engaging with sensory organs,

That’s the essence,

That’s the chemical. 

Seen in the eyes,

Smelled in the moment’s space,

No disguise. 

Touched with love and care,

Tasted through years and tears we share. 

Respect lingers, day and night,

In morning sun, it sheds insight,

Beneath moon and stars, it holds our plight,

And keeps our secrets safe from sight. 

Respect and consent, two sides of a coin,

Actions and words, a relationship’s tone. 

Woven in each aspect and every ploy. 

Spread this language of respect we know,

Stay united and strong, let harmony flow. 


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