Night of Fornication

By Mohith Kumar Gatla

Two thieves,
Ready to start the game,
To steal each other.

A night where,
Ravenous looks are fed,
A thirst for sea of wishes,
Will be guzzled.

The darkest time where,
A long wait will end,
And pleasures have no end,
Slowing the time infinitely.

A place where,
Nothing is forbidden.
A rhythm where,
The melody lasts forever.
A moment where,
Elixir is tasted.
An emotion where,
The pain is Loved.
A Game where,
Both thieves are profited.
A colourless night where,
The true colours of pleasures are found.

A Crime with passion,
With a beautiful Liaison,
Without any intermission,
The Night of Fornication.

I’m Mohith, a dedicated individual with a passion for continuous learning and creative expression. With a background in Mechanical Engineering, I thrive on challenges and strive for excellence in everything I do. Currently, I’m pursuing a master’s degree in the course of Professional Engineering with “Mechanical and Management” as my major. Besides doing well in academics, I have an unwavering passion for creative arts, like writing and photography. One of my aims is to inspire, provoke thought, and leave a lasting impact on the audience through my writings.


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