Meet Your New Queer Officer – Eli Spencer

Hi there,

I’m Eli Spencer, your newly elected Queer Officer. I am a proud trans man who studies biomedical science majoring in anatomical sciences and minoring in creative writing. Trust me, I know, what an unusual combination, right?  I began biomed in 2021 and am slowly on my way to completion (hopefully within the next two years). I started my creative writing minor this year and I love it!

When I heard about the vacancy for Queer Officer, I instantly knew that it would be the perfect job for me. I am passionate and dedicated to helping and advocating for my queer community in whatever way I can.  As a trans man, I relate to and understand the struggles of existing in the world as a queer person – to be completely honest at times it can really suck.

Leading up to my election I created and released a survey to students and staff of QUT asking for feedback on ways to improve queer support and services at QUT. Within the 120 responses, the most consistent comment was: reducing deadnaming and misgendering by lecturers, re-introducing the binder drive, and providing queer students with safer and affirming healthcare services.  I presented these results at the SRC meeting where I was elected, and I have been using these results as a starting point as Queer Officer.

In my first month as Queer Officer, I have been attending meetings with a range of QUT staff and students to begin implementing these strategies.

As your Queer Officer, my door is always open, and I am easily accessible via email. In Semester 2 I will be releasing office hours for staff and students to set up appointments / to come by for a chat. I want to be a strong, present voice for our community, and it is my goal to make queer life at uni safer and better.

How to contact me:  

  • Email:
  • C Block Level 1 Guild Office, Kelvin Grove Campus
  • Queer Room – Kelvin Grove Campus
  • In person! If you see me around both campuses, feel free to say hello 😊
Articles: 104

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