Goodbye, But Not for Long: Origin Kebabs to Relocate on GP Campus 

Origin Kebabs have closed up their usual kiosk at the Food Court at QUT Gardens Point Campus to relocate to a new kiosk. 

QUT students received a shock at lunchtime today to find Origin Kebabs’ kiosk in the Gardens Point Food Court vacant.  

The kiosk appeared to be closed for good, leaving many students confused on campus and in the comments of a post on QUT StalkerSpace 2.1

Origins Kebabs told Glass that despite the rumours, they are just relocating to the site opposite Bagel Boys.  

“[We] don’t have an opening date at this juncture but should be within the next five weeks,” said Origin Kebabs. 

Unfortunately, this does mean students won’t be able to get their HSP fix this exam season. 

But, don’t fret there is always next semester 😉 

Ben Steele
Ben Steele
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