Meet Your New Engagement Officer – Zara Vaz

Hi there! I’m Zara and your Engagement Officer for 2023!

I am also a first-year BSc student planning to major in Earth Science (yes, I love rocks) and an international student from India. Moving to Brisbane was a choice to experience a higher quality of life, wander the great outdoors, and meet new people along the way. I am a massive animal lover and will spring you with random facts about penguins (whether you enjoy them or not). Additionally, I am very bad at talking about myself and the struggle right now is real, so, moving on to the important things…

Throughout my academic career, I have made it a point to be in positions where I can meet and interact with most people. Talking and learning about them, their cultures and communities is what I thrived doing which is why when this opportunity popped up it seemed like the perfect job for me.

My role in the Guild enables me to be an active presence in student and campus life. I can interact and identify how we as an organisation can work to make you feel more involved in campus culture, sport and events. The goals are to be collaborative – with different faculties, clubs, organisations to make sure every one of you feels welcomed and comfortable on campus, communicative – ensuring that it is your thoughts and ideas at the root of our decisions and lastly, bringing some fun back on to campus; the possibilities are endless. The Guild has been nothing but proactive with their work for student advocacy at QUT and that is my inspiration to take this mantle and mould our actions in a way that works best for our student community.

Every interaction I have had since moving to Australia has taught me something new and has only made me keen on learning more. As your Engagement Officer I want to hear what you want to see and work my hardest to make it happen. Be it any crazy creative ideas you have or even if you want to chat about cats. All you have to do is send me an email at or drop in at the Guild office in C Block, Kelvin Grove!

Articles: 110

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