Meet Your: International Officer 2023 – Moin Rahman

Hi! I am Moin – a higher degree student doing an MPhil (Engineering). I am an international student, originally from Bangladesh, and I will be your International Officer for 2023. I am currently undertaking my third degree in Australia, following a Bachelor’s in Engineering (Civil) and Master’s in Project Management. 

I’m a soccer (better known as football) enthusiast, who is also an avid volunteer. Amidst passionately working towards sustainable engineering, I like to dedicate my time contributing towards noble causes through active volunteering. This has led me to meet and make lifelong friends from all facets of life, and to embrace the true essence of multiculturalism. Regular coffee is my kick to ultimate productivity – that I like fresh, hot, and well brewed! 

Over the years, I’ve been involved in various capacities on young, professional committees and student societies. I am a student advocate, who likes to focus on raising and improving experiences for all types of students, particularly those from international and diverse backgrounds. In the contrary to my wound-up, shy, and introverted personality, I love to meet new people, and forge long-term friendships.  

“What we plan today, will build tomorrow” – This is a motto I believe in, and it needs to be collectively achieved. Whilst there are known accomplishments in higher education (including both domestic and international students’ achievements), prolonged disparity on considerable counts continue to remain. In my role as the International Student Officer for 2023, I am focused on working toward filling these voids, and generating impactful outcomes that will benefit both current and future students. 

The triple C’s of ‘collective’, ‘collaborative’ and ‘continuous’ working is central and critical for the QUT Student Guild to help develop, plan and execute ideas to a high expectation. Whilst this may take some time, with an open-door policy for engagement, the better student experiences (on and off campus) can be shaped and gradually achieved. 

For my portfolio, I am focused to working toward filling any existing or emerging voids that are holding back enhanced international and domestic student learning and campus experiences, and to generate impactful outcomes to benefit both current and future international cohorts. Working along with the greater SRC, I will aim to further strengthen international student advocacy, identify and address other localised and broader areas of international student support, with the overarching goal to make international students gain more sovereignty of speech, momentum, and wider early recognition to eventually becoming key drivers of the economy. 

So, if you have any ideas or insights that can help shape a better learning experience for everyone at QUT, I am all ears and encourage you to reach out to me at Equally, if you achieve something amazing, I would be happy to support that by bringing it into the limelight, so that others can learn or be encouraged from it. 

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