Meet Your: Disability Officer 2023 – Harley Manley

Hi everyone! I’m Harley and I will be your Disability Officer for 2023. I am currently going into my second year of a Bachelor of Secondary Education. 

Some fun facts about me are: I am both a cat and dog person (honestly, just a massive animal lover in general), I love rock climbing, and I could chug two litres of Pepsi Max in one sitting.  

Having always struggled with ADHD and anxiety myself (but only being diagnosed in my last year of high school), I understand how important it is to have the support of your teachers, fellow students, and the University faculty in order to feel comfortable enough to voice your needs. It really is night and day.  

QUT does have an excellent support system in place for students with disabilities, but as we navigate through new experiences and face new challenges, we can always learn something that could be done to better our experience here at QUT.  

For that reason, I decided to put my hand up for the Disability Officer position. 

While I may have a personal insight into what it’s like to struggle with ADHD and anxiety, I know that people have different experiences and needs, and that disability is a spectrum. So, there is a lot that I haven’t personally experienced. For that reason, I appreciate any input, insight, or just general feedback about what I can do to help you. Communities such as the Disability Collective are a great place to share your experiences, and receive support and care from other students with disabilities.  

Students can best contact me through the Disability Officer email or if emailing is not your thing, you can swing me a message on Facebook (Harley Manley). 

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