Martyr of Mice- Nicholas Farrell

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By Nicholas Farrell

Such a marvel; they scurry and screech, much like a Mother- who freaks once under feet.  

A dash, a dart- you barely see, just a glimpse and you judge to be.  

A pest ready to plunder; but we all have needs, while you are governed by greatness and greed. 

 Kill- A simple sin; a thing we’re told, a primate’s win.  

Defend- a noble dilemma, but who deems fit- when dominant no one questions it.  

A squeak, a squeak- a sorry plea, that we hear and still refuse to leave be.  

Is our existence so at risk- so shallow, that humble house-mice must often meet the gallows? 

Are you so smart- above the beast? The facts are there, think of these at least.  

Black plague! You repeat such extremes, but that was the gerbil and it’s them you give treats. 

 Such a small thing turns the house around; brooms and bats are quickly found, the kitchen now a battleground.  

A curious child leaves his room; met by enthusiasm for its doom- what horror, as if a harmless thing was more than just a bother.  

Cowering and cornered it cannot escape; but they caused this cruelty they call fate, the family accepts it- the two too small to debate.  

Love. A simple plea, the boy bursts by and to his knees- begging and begging can’t it go free? 

 The Father falters; would rather not explain, all that effort and belief- a waste? To feel humor or shame- to dare dim the rule that reigns. 

 The mouse flees- for there is no valiant fight; how can it stand for what’s right, absent such godly might.  

Thunder- his sibling strikes- so perfect a patron; ending a pest’s life, does what he’s told- so brave and bold.  

Tears trickle by the boy’s face; brushed off as weakness, none meet his gaze- innocence to them but a phase.  

He bites his lip; bad enough he bleeds- how befitting, as the bitter taste he takes sitting.  

By Dawn he hadn’t slept; in silence he had wept, for he would rather not belong- than do what his brother had done.  

So how does ignorance come to influence another? His heart now asunder- could there be a bigger blunder?

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