Kyle Daniel Muir-Mcmurtrie: NUS Delegate

Glass invited all candidates to submit a statement about why they’re running in the Guild elections and why you should vote for them. This statement is being published as received from the candidate.

Voting opens MONDAY 23rd OCTOBER 2023. You can read all candidate statements here.

My name is Kyle Daniel Muir-Mcmurtrie, a full time IT student here at QUT, and I am
campaigning alongside Left Action for an NUS delegate position. Left Action is an activist
ticket made up of socialists that aims to steer back the original purpose of what a student
union should be doing: fighting for student rights both on and off campus.

Times are tough for students at the moment; coming right off of a pandemic there has been
drastic increases in cost of living, with student’s wages not increasing alongside and the
Guild has not been actively fighting to resolve these issues enough. The student union has
the capability to do more than just run services on campus, with its current resources and
members it can have the impact to lead campaigns to fight for real issues, student rights and
left wing changes that students care about.

Left Action seeks to fight the interests of all students by actively fighting and organising
alongside students for all left-wing issues. Student led activism is a core component of Left
Action and Socialist Alternative. We’ve been fighting against the racism in the ‘No-Vote’ to
the Indigenous Voice to Parliament, Labor’s expenditure for AUKUS instead of housing, and
the right of all workers by helping to organise strikes and walk-outs for better wages. We
already have a firm presence on campus, but with the Guild resources redirected into activist
campaigns, then Left Action would be able to further fight for and with students.

We plan on tackling social issues relating to that of women’s and LGBTQIA+ rights.
Environmental issues are something that need to be handled as the climate is constantly
worsening, we are for completely abolishing fossil fuels and shifting to an immediate
transition to renewable energy. Having better resources can help us actively campaign
against attacks made at both the university and government levels, we can better oppose
profit-driven decisions made around staff cuts, fight for an increase in affordable housing
expenditure and preventing student rights from being suppressed.

If you felt that any of what was just said resonates with you, then I implore you to vote 1 Left
Action to secure a better future for the student union.

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